Wicked Book Weekend 2016 Giveaway

Wicked Book Weekend 2016Wicked Book Weekend started in 2013 as an excuse to meet my favorite authors. At the time, there were no indie book signings. There were a few conventions, but signings weren’t really a thing. I read e-books exclusively, so I didn’t really care about signed books (that’s changed a lot) I just wanted to meet my idols.

To tell you the truth, I read Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec and NEEDED to hang out with the person who wrote the book. I actually wanted to hang with the 2 main characters…and I totally did! In fact, I deliberately picked a hotel with suites so I could actually stay in the same little villa with Tara Sivec! (Stalker much?) Once Tara said yes, I decided to invite some of my other favorites like RK Lilley, Katie Ashley, Raine Miller, Jasinda Wilder, Colleen Hoover and Abbi Glines. Once they signed on, Tiffany King, Sarah M. Ross, Rachael Wade, Katja Millay, Carol & Adam Kunz, CC Wood and Luke Young joined in for the fun.


Since there weren’t any signings, I had no clue what to do. I didn’t want to line up in front of people, I wanted to hang out with them! I didn’t even realize that they would all have paperbacks and displays to set up. I had a beautiful little scrapbook printed for everyone with a page for each author that the readers brought around at the lunch. But the signing and the lunch were one in the same! What did I know? I wanted to try speed dating with the authors, but it never really worked, everyone was too busy having fun to follow instructions.

After the signing we had a full bus of women and jello shots take a trip to Fairvilla, the adult megastore, where we had vibrator sword fights, tied up Tara Sivec, and visited with Henry the ass raping gnome. The next day we got tattoos and the goats screamed all day and we learned all about Spiderman. It was a great time with PJ parties watching Pitch Perfect, Raine Miller teaching us about squirting and grape koolaid that made you forget it all.


Soon after, Book Bash was announced. Since it was only a 4 hour signing, I was asked to plan an after party, and the lineup was incredible! But we realized that planning an event long distance was hard, so I decided to move the event the following year from Orlando to the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, where it has been ever since.

Though it has gotten bigger, I don’t ever want WBW to lose what it started out as. A girls weekend where we are crazy and stupid. Where we get to HANG OUT with the authors, not stand on endless lines. Where there is time to meet every single one of them. Where you make life-long friends. Last year’s dueling pianos was epic. Harper Sloan kidnapping us and taking us to see peen was even more epic.

2016 will be another fun time!


We have a Friday night comedy drag show, a Saturday signing and lunch with the authors, an after party that everyone comes to with photo booths and gummy bears (insert evil laugh here).

Sunday we have a blogger breakfast sponsored by the Copa Lounge authors, a Lularoe pop-up sponsored by Harper Sloan, and a BDSM demo sponsored by Kate Roth, Kristen Hope Mazzola and Robin Lee. Then we take off for a sunset boat bar crawl for Tara Sivec and Harper Sloan’s birthday, sponsored by Harper Sloan.

Wicked Book Weekend is totally not about a gigantic ballroom filled with too many authors for anyone to see. We limit authors and attendees. We make a custom scrapbook with a spot for each author, encouraging you to go to every table and meet each author. We even split the signing into two rooms and two times (before and after lunch) so you never feel overwhelmed, and have a fun break in the middle!

Tickets Are Available Here


We have a HUGE giveaway!

Wicked Book Weekend 2016 Giveaway

Grand Prize: $50 Amazon Card

2 WBW Prize packages that include a fully signed scrapbook from the 2015 authors, a random signed paperback, a Beach Mat, a Kindle/iPad/phone stand, a TBR list and some other fun, cool swag.

FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 4


Plus prizes from some of this year’s authors including:

KATIE ASHLEY: Signed copy of Redemption Road

CHLOE T. BARLOW: Signed copy of Three Rivers

CHELLE BLISS: Signed copy of Enshrine

LM CARR: Signed copy of all three in the Giving Trilogy

STEVIE J COLE: Signed Paperback of A Love So Tragic

LB DUNBAR: Signed Paperback of Paradise Fought: Abel

TM FRAZIER: Signed copy of Soulless

KM GOLLAND: (5 winners) 5 e-books and one winner gets a $10 Gift card too.

SR GREY: Signed Paperback of Inevitable Detour

ZB HELLER: Signed copy of Tied Together

DANIELLE JAMIE: Paperback of Wasted Love

ANNE JOLIN: Signed copy of Saving Steele

RK LILLEY: Signed copy of Breaking Him

LP LOVELL: Signed paperback of Absolution

ALY MARTINEZ: Audiobook of Fighting Silence for the trip

SIBYLLA MATILDE: $10 Amazon Card

RYAN MICHELE: Signed Copy of Needing to Fall and Ravage Me

KATY REGNERY: Signed Paperbacks of The English Brothers 1-4!

M. ROBINSON: Signed copy of Complicate Me

KATE ROTH: Signed copy of Skip To The Good Part vol. 3 (out of print and rare)

MD SAPERSTEIN: Signed paperback of Destiny Disrupted

SUSAN STOKER: Signed copy of Rescuing Rayne

**ALL MAILED GIFTS ARE US ONLY, (or pick up at the event)

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  1. Sue LeBlanc says:

    I have read so many of these authors and I love them. Tara is one of my favorites, as is KM Golland and RK Lilley and so many more. I would kill to be able to come, especially where I live in FL and it’s not that far away but it’s not meant to be this year financially. I’m praying that maybe next year.

  2. Nikki Lee-Kush says:

    I am so excited to be attending fir the third year

  3. Thelma Bryant says:

    I have several of this year’s authors…and I can’t wait to read more!

  4. I wish i was able to attend! Maybe next year!

  5. thak you for this giveaways !!you`r the best

  6. Candace Sanchez says:

    Omg I’m ecstatic about this hope pray I win….just wish I’d be there but can’t
    Thx for chance

  7. Thanks for the chance.