Need a Roommate for Wicked Book Weekend?

Roommates for Wicked Book WeekednWho is looking to chip in for a room? We are all nice girls who love smut. What can go wrong? The rooms are costly but they have rooms with double beds. Share the room, split the cost! The hotel has beach and marina access…the only one in Ft. Lauderdale. We will be having a room crawl Friday night, kind of a roving pajama party, after the evening activities. So it pays to stay in the hotel!

Last year, we had 8 girls in our suite who never met. We are all best of friends now.

Comment here with your e-mail or Facebook profile page, and we can try to hook you up! Comment if you have a room and need a roommate, or if you want to find a roommate before you reserve. If you want your room on the room crawl, comment here too!



  1. We have five in our room right now, so we are pretty full. But what is a room crawl?

    • wickedbooks says:

      Basically partying from room to room in PJ’s! Each room can have a specialty drink or treat.

  2. Ok! This should be fun! First, I want in on the room crawl! Second, I originally booked a double bed room all by myself hoping to snag a friend or two to come with me! I have one friend now coming but we talked about it today, and think it would fun to have one or two more roomies. We don’t have to have one, but for as much time as we WON’T be in the room, I think splitting the cost several ways is the way to go! So I guess I’ll just put this out there and see what happens. I’m 38 and my friend is 25. We are coming in from KY and plan to stay Thursday-Monday . We have a partial ocean/ marina view because after some research on this hotel those are the best rooms to get! I’ll just check back here and see what’s going on! 🙂 See ya in March!
    My Facebook page is Scheva Oliver Hurm if you want to message me.
    PS this was a great idea to add the Roommates page!

  3. I need a roommate! I haven’t booked a room yet. My friend can’t attend now so I was just gonna book a room alone but would welcome a roommate or two. Or room with someone else.

    My email is or Facebook – Shamika Jones DaLomba.

  4. Shamika Dalomba says:

    Hello there! I”m in neeed of a roommate. My sister can no longer come with me, so I would love to share the cost of the room with 1 or 2 or heck even 3 people. The more the merrier.

    My facebook is Shamika Jones Dalomba and email is

    • lita thomas says:

      sent email to try and hook up about possible sharing room. Could not find you on facebook but gave you my name. hope to hear from you

  5. Amanda Colvin says:

    Not sure if you are still looking for a roommate but if so I’m
    Interested. My bf and I are the only ones that will be coming,
    and I don’t mind sharing a bed with her if needed (whatever
    Saves $$). We had a few other girls so they were going to
    help with cost but that fell through. Either way we r SUPER
    Excited to be coming to our 1st book event!!

  6. I had originally 3 of us in one room but now it’s just me!!! I already reserved a room and I don’t want to cancel the room.. Let me know!!

  7. If anyone is still looking for a roommate, let me know. I am in NE Florida and would love to attend but the room prices are up there for just me.

    I am 38 and an avid reader.
    on Facebook as Jennifer’s Reading or feel free to email me at

    I do also read and review for my own blog, as well as another blog (Alphas, Authors & Books Oh My) with a great group of ladies

  8. Before I book anything I want to see if I can find a roommate so that I can save some money. If anyone is still looking for a roommate please let me know.

  9. Don’t have a room but would love to share one. Went to the event in Vegas and split the room 4 ways! I live in west palm so luckily I’ll save onthe flight. I plan on going Friday-Saturday. My fb name is Mags Pereira n email is

  10. Christy Elliott says:

    40 year old fun non smoking book whore in Need of a room to share

  11. hey all i posted earlier but didn’t tell you anything on me.. I’m a 32 y/o mom and wife i’m also a blogger for halos and horns book blog if you are looking for a room mate let me know… i have a room with 2 double beds. let me know check out our blog

    • Tara there is a group of three of us that are coming down for the weekend. Jen (the other Jen) has a room reserved right now. If you need someone still hit me up hun.

      I work with Jamie @ Alphas, Authors and Books Oh My

      • Hey Jennifer I’m still looking for a roommate or a few.. Would love some company with a fellow blogger!!
        Here’s my email let me know if you or all of you want to go in on a room!!

    • Tara,
      You still looking for rommates? I was planning on staying with family in Miami, but would love to find some roommates and stay at the hotel. My email is or you can find me on facebook at Melissa Leslie Borton.

  12. Lori Stern says:

    Okay, too many posts for me to figure who is doing what!! I’d love to share, i’m local (in palm beach county) and just don’t want to drive home and miss even a second of the fun! I’m 43 and a non-smoker, love books and will be helping Ana out over the weekend. I’d like to stay Friday through Sunday and i snore… just sayin’!

    • Lori Stern says:

      Duh, forgot to say that my email address is and i can be found on facebook at Lori Goetz Stern.

      • I’m local, too (in Hollywood). I’ve already got my ticket for Saturday, but I’d like to attend all the fun stuff and would rather not have to drive back and forth either. Have you booked anything yet? I’d be interested in rooming with you. I’m 40 and a non-smoker. My facebook app is acting weird, so I couldn’t find you. Here’s a link to my facebook page – and my e-mail is

  13. Hey, I planned on staying with family in Miami when i come down but would love to stay with you girls. Let me know who still needs a roommate. My name is Melissa. 29 year old mom who just started blogging in my free time. email me at or find me on facebook. Melissa Leslie Borton.

  14. Hi Girls!

    Me and one of my best friends are going together and we’re looking for a couple of roommates to split the room cost. 🙂
    We’ll be coming down from the Tampa Bay area and are looking to stay Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
    You can find me on FB here:
    My email is

    • Just an update…we now have 3 in our room (my sister’s coming too…yay!) and we’re looking for a fourth.
      So if you’re coming by yourself and want to split the cost…we’re cool chicks and would like another roomie if possible!
      We have the room already booked for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.
      My info is listed above.

  15. Shelle Tee says:

    Hey Ladies!

    My BFF and fellow lover of the smut are looking to go to WBW, but to make it happen, we would love to have a roomie or two! Coming down to beautiful Florida from Toronto Canada!

    You can either email me at OR look me up on Facebook – Shelle Tee.

    • Dannie Rae says:

      Just to further clarify for Shelle, we’re looking to arrive late Thursday and leave Monday

      • wickedbooks says:

        I am working on neighboring hotels

      • Still looking for a roommate?

        • Dannie Rae says:

          Sorry, but unfortunately no. My hubby isn’t keen on the idea of me taking an out of country trip without him (this is my first out of country solo/girlfriend trip) So the only way he would agree to me going without him tagging along is if I agreed to not room with anyone that Shelle & I don’t personally know already.

          Trust me, this sucks! I was kind of looking forward to bunking with new friends, but I can’t press my luck. Sorry ladies!

    • Lisa Omek says:

      Are you interested in having a roommate for Sunday only ?

  16. Shelle Tee says:

    Anyone still looking for roommates? My friend and I (willing to share a bed!) are looking to go, but it seems as though the hotel is completely booked at the discounted rate. Anyone have a spare bed, or a room that they’ve been holding that they decided not to use?!

  17. Look for roommates! My friend is still uncertain about going and I would love to attend. Anyone have a spot open for one more? I’m 28 non smoker from Louisiana. My email is or you can find me on FB under Rayanna Smith.

  18. Katherine says:

    Is anyone still in need of a roommate?

  19. Lisa Omek says:

    Anyone interested in sharing a room on Sunday ? I’ll be attending the entire event with my daughter, she’s one of the authors. However, she is leaving on Sunday and my flight out isn’t until Monday

  20. We would like to put our room on the room crawl.
    Is there any info on that yet?

  21. My sisters and I just found out we were going. Hotel is booked, just wondering if anyone stool needed 2 roommates. We want to stay Saturday night, could possibly do Friday also. Wanted to check here before I check other hotels. We are both non smokers and mom’s 45 and 42 years old. Please email me at if your still looking. Thanks it sound like lots of fun.

  22. I don’t have a room but I have a ticket for the booze cruise and for the luncheon/signing if anyone would like to buy them off of me. I gotten strep throat and can’t attend 🙁 You can email me @


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