Roommate Finder 2018

So many strangers have become BFFs at Wicked by finding roommates here! Comment here if you are looking for a room or have a spot in your room. Or join the attendee group on Facebook.



  1. Emily McGraw says:

    Needing to share a room with someone to help pay half of the room cost… so i Can make it to this event from iowa and will be driving the distance as flying is an issue for me… i kind of quiet till i assess my surroundings… not messy Pretty chill and go with the flow .. i would really appreciate if anyone needed a roomy… even if we share a king bed lol

    • Mackenzie Teut says:

      Hi Emily,

      I am also originally from Iowa but just moved down to Key Largo (last week actually). I am also looking for someone to share a room with. I am pretty quiet until I feel comfortable with my surroundings. I just attended the Shameless Book Con last weekend and really enjoyed it so I am super excited about Wicked Weekend. Let me know what you think about possibly rooming together!

  2. Did you already find a roommate?

  3. Mackenzie Teut says:

    Hey Emily. My best friend just decided to fly in from Cali to join me at the event. We were thinking of using her timeshare to stay at that weekend. Otherwise, if that doesn’t work out, we were just going to get a hotel room. We are currently looking to to the availability of the timeshare but if you would like to stay with us in either the timeshare or split a hotel room three ways, we would both be willing to do that. Just let me know if you would like to do that. We both understand how expensive these events can be and are willing to help cut down on the cost.

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