Roommate Finder 2018

So many strangers have become BFFs at Wicked by finding roommates here! Comment here if you are looking for a room or have a spot in your room. Or join the attendee group on Facebook.



  1. Emily McGraw says:

    Needing to share a room with someone to help pay half of the room cost… so i Can make it to this event from iowa and will be driving the distance as flying is an issue for me… i kind of quiet till i assess my surroundings… not messy Pretty chill and go with the flow .. i would really appreciate if anyone needed a roomy… even if we share a king bed lol

    • Mackenzie Teut says:

      Hi Emily,

      I am also originally from Iowa but just moved down to Key Largo (last week actually). I am also looking for someone to share a room with. I am pretty quiet until I feel comfortable with my surroundings. I just attended the Shameless Book Con last weekend and really enjoyed it so I am super excited about Wicked Weekend. Let me know what you think about possibly rooming together!

  2. Did you already find a roommate?

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