Red Room 101 – Wicked Whips and Chains Tickets


Have you always dreamt about trying all the naughty and taboo things you’ve read about in books? You know those kinky and sexy scenes that make you squirm? Ever imagine yourself to be the innocent girl with a secret yearning to let loose and experience BDSM?
Well, Wicked Book Weekend has just gotten even more wicked with a sponsored demonstration! Giving you the chance to try out those kinky fantasies in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere, surrounded by all your favorite book friends.
Want to try hot candle wax? How about being bent over and flogged? Ever want to experience the Violet or Hitachi wands? Wouldn’t you love to be tied up in silky ropes?
We’ll also be doing a boudoir photo shoot with a very popular, local, female fetish photographer.
This is truly a once in a lifetime experience! But know that there is absolutely no pressure! Just want to watch? Learn? All are welcome!
This will be an all women demonstration with the exception of extremely well respected, local Dominants. No nudity necessary, even for the sexiest boudoir pictures!
Tickets are extremely limited so don’t miss out, get your “key to kink” today!
$15.00 admission gets you a ticket to all the kinky fuckery!
And check all your Facebook groups for opportunities to earn raffle tickets!
Sponsored by authors Kate Roth, Kristen Hope Mazzola, Robin Lee, and non-author Lori Stern.




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