Meet one of our sponsors…Mitlin Financial!

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You may wonder why a financial planner is sponsoring a book signing! Well Mitlin Financial is a big part of the book world and works with authors, bloggers and readers. You’ll meet Larry at Wicked Book Weekend as the husband of Denise from Shh…Mom’s Reading. They will be handling the charity as well, which promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention in memory of Denise’s brother, Keith.

Meet Lawrence Sprung:

I founded Mitlin Financial, Inc. in 2004, a firm named after my wife’s grandfather and my mother, after eight years in the industry with large brokerage firms. Mitlin is based on a ‘client-first’ philosophy.

I pride myself on helping people facilitate their financial future by bringing a level of service and professionalism rarely seen in the industry. This is easily seen by the long standing relationships we maintain with our clients and their families. The fact that we are now working with second and third generations of our clients is a true testament to my philosophy resonating throughout the entire firm.

Financial decisions tend to be an area that most people shy away from addressing. Unfortunately throughout our lifetime we will encounter “critical financial” events that will impact our lives. These events include planned life events like marriage, college funding, retirement, birth of a child or grandchild and buying a new home. Other events that may take place which are not planned may include the death of a spouse, disability, divorce, loss of a job or a major success; yes successes also require planning.

I believe that by having a financial plan and the right team in place you will put your family in a position to mitigate the impact of “critical financial” events. You will not alleviate all of the impact, but having a plan in place to guide you will put you a step above. We find that most people, prior to becoming clients, spend more time planning their family vacation than their financial lives.

The author community has been an area where we have had the ability to make a large impact. We look forward to continue to work with this great group of people as we have enjoyed the relationships we have built and watching our client’s success. Wicked Book Weekend is one of the premier events of the year that we wanted to be involved with and this is why we chose to be a sponsor. It will give us an opportunity to meet with existing relationships and hopefully make some new ones. We want to be the firm that author community turns to for their financial and business advice.

Thank you to Ana for letting me share a bit about myself and my firm but if you run into me at Wicked Book Weekend you are more likely to hear me talking about our sons, a recent hockey game or the memorial fund we run in my brother-in-laws memory than business.


You can visit Mitlin Financial’s website here: or call (844)4-Mitlin