Wicked Book Weekend 2018 Questions

can you buy doxycycline in thailand Where are the events?

The events will be at The Bahia Mar Hotel on the Ft. Lauderdale beach strip and Intracoastal.

follow What hotel, and when can we reserve?

Please see the hotel page here. If you are looking for a roommate, check here, and in the official attendee group.

where to buy diflucan pills Will I need my ticket and receipts for my items?

It will definitely help! e-tickets are fine on your phone. Your t-shirt and book receipts will help immensely.

The rooms are so expensive! Is there anyone that needs a roommate?

Please check the roommate page. That is part of the fun of WBW, rooming with people you’ve only met online. We made friends with people last year that we still chat with daily.

Will any of the events sell out?

We expect Friday night Lips to sell out as well as the blogger breakfast and Red Room 201. Don’t delay getting your tickets!

Will there be tickets for just the signing?

Yes. But you will be missing out on all the fun! The signing only tickets will be from 3:30-5pm. All day and lunch passholders will resume any place they had on line prior to lunch before admitting signing only guests. This ticket is not encouraged, because authors do sell out, but it is available if needed.

Will we be able to purchase books?

Yes. All authors will have books available, but please check the official attendee group for pre-order forms to make sure you get what you want.

Can we bring our own books and kindle covers to be signed?

I’m sure the authors will sign anything. Tara Sivec especially likes to sign boobs and vibes. You can also buy custom WBW Kindle covers and more very soon.

Is there a limit to how many books I can have signed?

No, but please be courteous to the others waiting. Please don’t monopolize or bogart the authors!

Can we use wagons?

Because this is held in 2 smaller rooms, there is not room for wagons. My 2 favorite items for lots of books are these:

Smart Cart on Amazon (check all the patterns, they all change prices often)

Utility Tote on Amazon (Books stack perfectly!)

Can I order Shirts and signing books?

T-shirts, signing books will be available in the winter.

I ordered shirts and books, will I get them before the event?

No. In order to have an accurate book and shirt, we wait until the very last minute to print. They will be available to pick up when you check in with your ticket. It would be VERY helpful to bring your receipt.

Isn’t the beach in Ft. Lauderdale in April crazy with spring break and super expensive?

Yes! The dates were were the only ones that some authors would be available. But we think we negotiated a very fair price for the peak month of April. The resort has a private pool and we will be insulated from most of the Spring Break happenings, though you can walk to it all! Spring Break is not huge in Ft. Lauderdale anymore.

Can you promise it will be warm and sunny?

Sadly, no. But that would be really cool if I could.  I can promise it will be warmer than the Northern states though, and April is a pretty hot month here!  Here is some more Ft. Lauderdale information.

Will there be a free signing? 

No. There will be a traditional signing, followed by a buffet lunch with seating for all and an after-party later at night. Your one-day ticket gets you all, but you may buy the signing/lunch ticket alone.

Why does the lunch cost so much?

You are actually coming for less than my cost. The authors make up the difference. You pay for food and tip only, authors pay for everything else like bartenders, linens, security, badges, decorations, swag bags and more. For more information on event pricing, please see the post Where Does All The Money Go? (old post with old prices, but you get the idea)

Do you have to stay at the hotel to attend?

Hotel guests get into the signing one hour early.

Can you be any age to attend?

Wicked Book Weekend asks that all attendees be 18+.  The hotel does offer a kids camp and babysitting services.

Are there other events?

We have a Friday night event and events all day and night Sunday. Tickets will be up in winter.

Why is there a limit on authors?

Wicked Book Weekend is different from other signings. We try to keep it more intimate with a smaller reader to author ratio. More authors means less readers though, and our capacity is 350 total.

I’m an author but not on the list. May I come and promote my books anyway?

It depends on how you do it. If you would like to contribute to a raffle or gift basket, that is always welcome. But if you are not a featured signing author, if you are giving out swag and actively promoting your book in an obvious way, you will be asked to stop or leave. There is nothing wrong with an author who comes to network with other authors or fans, but authors pay a hefty fee to be there, it is not proper for someone to come along and do it for free.

That being said, we will have a shared author table for attendees that are also authors. Please email ana@wickedbookevents.com for details.

What if I have to cancel?

Wicked Book Events no longer offers refunds. All tickets are final sale as well as author spots. You may transfer your ticket to someone else, but it is up to you to contact us for the name and e-mail change. No transfers can be done within 7 days of the event.

When purchasing tickets, you also waive any rights you may have under applicable laws to receive a temporary credit from your card issuer for disputed charges. Wicked Book Events is contracting out the catering and in no way guarantees the food. Though you are paying our cost for the food, you are also there for the experience.

I’m overweight and don’t want to wear a bathing suit in front of people. Will there be stuff to do that doesn’t require beach or pool?

There is a water taxi stop right at the hotel. Ft. Lauderdale is the “Venice of America” there are tons of tours, and the famous Las Olas shopping is very close. There is a sun-trolley that can take you to the mall as well. There are also several outdoor cafes within walking distance. You are probably beautiful. But I get it, because I’m not wearing a bathing suit in public either!

What happens if it rains?

Saturday & Sunday events are indoors.

When can I eat on Sunday?

There will be light snacks like fruit, cheese and crackers all day in the event rooms. The pool and bar serve food. There is a deli on property and many restaurants in walking distance.

I see there are photo booths at the after party. Will we get to take home photos?

YES!!! And there will be some other interesting things.

Can I bring in my own drinks and food?

Drinks are SUPER expensive. You get one drink ticket for the after party. We are not permitted to bring outside food or drink in, but ahem…there will be flasks on the swag page.

What should I wear?

Be comfortable for the signing, but wear something that you don’t mind photos in. I advise comfy shoes. You can dress up or even wear PJs to the after party, nobody cares, just have fun. Remember it’s Florida, and the signing can get warm.

Can I get photos with the authors?

YES! There are windows behind the authors so keep that in mind when taking photos, you may want to be in front of their banner. Plus there are photo booths at the after party.

Is there a map of where authors are sitting? How is it laid out?

There are TWO rooms for the signing. There is no A & B room, though one room is bigger. We will try to put up a map at the event, but last year people moved, so I can’t promise accuracy.


More questions? Shoot me an e-mail ana@wickedbookevents.com


  1. Last year was a hoot, I’m sure this year will be as well. Maybe I can get another pic of Harper’s as… um… butt

  2. Jennifer says:

    If im not staying at the hotel, where can i park and how much does it cost?

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