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programLogoWdymgLargeI’d like to talk pricing with you all. If any of you have ever catered an event, you know that prices can get nutty. In addition to securing hotel rooms, the events are pricey.

I have heard things like “where does all the money go?” Well here you go:

The absolute cheapest luncheon price (FOR JUST THE MAIN DISH) we were able to get is $39  PLUS 22% service PLUS 6% tax (around $50 but I have to add bartenders and cashiers for lunch plus eventbrite and paypal fees which we don’t get).  And this is MY COST. Dinners start at $65 PLUS 22% PLUS 6% ($83.20+ eventbrite and paypal fees for the cheapest dinner, so I will not be doing a dinner).

That doesn’t include any extras at all. No bartender, security, DJ, photographer, decorations, swag bags, etc. So you see why people shy away from doing these events.

Typical lunch menu example (we have a deli lunch):

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.59.44 PM


Don’t forget the 22% service fee plus tax!

Here is a typical snack menu….still have to add 22% plus tax:

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.01.09 PM

Now you see what we are working with?

Wicked Book Weekend is about hanging out with authors and bloggers. But catering meals is pricey. I have chosen the cheapest items the last three times and prices were still expensive.

Wicked Book Events will NOT be making money off of your tickets. The authors pay a small fee, not you.

Your tickets will include a two hour time to visit author tables and purchase books, and a 2 hour buffet lunch with seating for all for you to schmooze and sign with the authors, then 2 more hours of signing. There will also be an after party with a cash bar, DJ, 1 included drink, photo booths, and light snacks.

There are a load of free public signings around the country. This isn’t one. We have to personally guarantee a large minimum food amount to get the ballroom for the signing.

We have worked tirelessly to get the absolute lowest hotel and meal prices. The majority of hotels on Ft. Lauderdale beach were running around $350 a night for rooms in Feb. We got a great deal. You can see from the menus above what I’m working with for food. So next time you wonder where all the money goes, we hope this gives you some sort of idea.

More details abut Wicked Book Weekend Feb 6-8 Ft. Lauderdale HERE.




  1. Joanne Christenson says:

    I’m really glad you wrote this… No one really realizes what goes into planning an event. Liability insurance, security, food, entertainment. …etc. I know it’s expensive and I know you don’t make anything… You do this for the love of the books and your followers alike and I love you for it

  2. Junis Cariello says:

    Well I’ve got my tickets and now I see mention of a booze cruise…? I want in! How do I get more info on that? So excited to attend this event!


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