Authors for 2016 (so far)

  N.A. Alcorn ***NEW!! Toni Aleo Katie Ashley Tessa Bailey Chloe T. Barlow K.J. Bell ***NEW!! Chelle Bliss Rebecca Brooke ***NEW!! Terri Anne Browning  ***NEW!! Melanie Codina Jenn Cooksey Olivia Cunning ***NEW!! Laurel Ulen Curtis J. Daniels ***NEW!! L.B. Dunbar ***NEW!! T.M. Frazier K.M. Golland ***NEW!! S.R. Grey ***NEW!! Sidney Halston Z.B. Heller Ella James ***NEW!! Danielle Jamie ***NEW!!! […]

Author Interest Forms

  New Authors to Wicked Book Weekend Click HERE. We will try to let you know by Labor Day. Authors at any of the previous events click HERE. You have right of first refusal if you are in the first 30. Authors who have been sent an invite click here.

Returning Authors for 2016

RETURNING AUTHORS: Toni Aleo Katie Ashley Chloe T. Barlow Chelle Bliss Terri Anne Browning  ***NEW!! Jenn Cooksey Olivia Cunning ***NEW!! Laurel Ulen Curtis S.M. Donaldson Beth Ehemann T.M. Frazier Sidney Halston Z.B. Heller Heather C. Leigh R.K. Lilley Felicia Lynn ***NEW!!! M. Mabie Aly Martinez Sibylla Matilde Rae Matthews Kristen Hope Mazzola Ryan Michele Raine […]

Save the Date! Wicked Book Weekend 2016!

We have the date! Authors from all 4 previous events have right of first refusal until end of summer, when I will look at new requests. Author sign-ups and interest forms will be up by the end of April.

Updated Author List – January 2015

  Kristen Ashley Amazon | Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter           Toni Aleo Amazon | Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter       .  Tessa Bailey Amazon | Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter         Chloe T. Barlow Amazon | Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter         […]

Updated Schedule and Tickets (More events!)

EVENT DETAILS: Wicked Book Weekend is an 18+ event. Meet 50+ of your favorite contemporary romance authors in an intimate setting. The official signing is Saturday, 2/7/15, but we have activities scheduled Friday through Sunday night. Hotel room reservations: CLICK HERE or call 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667) for the Bahia Mar Ft. Lauderdale Beach Hotel and use the code WIC […]

Updated Author List – December 2014

Due to health issues, expense issues or deadline issues, we had a few authors who unfortunately cancelled. But we have some awesome new authors! Chloe T. Barlow, Sidney Halston, Ryan Michele, Anna Zaires and her husband Dima Zales, and Jessica Ingro are all new additions. Here are the updated authors with all of their links, […]

Wicked Book Weekend SWAG!

  I have moved the T-shirts, books, beachmats and more here. If you ordered on Eventbrite, rest assured, I have your order, but you can still buy additional items here.     Wicked Book Weekend T-shirt T-shirts are v-neck, high quality, most likely Canvas brand, which fit true to size for women. These were pre-order […]

Authors for Wicked Book Weekend 2015 Updated November 2014

  Unfortunately, I just found out today that JS Cooper & Rachael Wade (I haven’t removed her from the art yet) will not be able to come 🙁 But I have added two amazing new authors, M. Robinson, and M. Mabie. I guess it really is Movember. Kristen Ashley Amazon | Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter           Toni […]

Updated Author List, October 2014

  We have a few new additions, and two who had to cancel. Here is the updated list! Authors subject to change. Kristen Ashley Toni Aleo Melissa Andrea Alison G. Bailey Tessa Bailey JL Berg EK Blair Chelle Bliss Sarina Bowen Melanie Codina Claire Contreras Jenn Cooksey JS Cooper Brooke Cumberland Laurel Ulen Curtis Ella […]